Privacy & Data Protection Policy for Louise Williams – Humanist Celebrant

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018 require people like myself, who collect and use personal information, to put your mind at rest that I will do so in a manner that protects your privacy and rights. Here is my privacy and data protection policy. You can download the document here. Privacy Policy Download

The GDPR covers the processing of all personal data (defined as any information about, or relating to a living, identifiable, individual, which enables you to identify the person either by itself or in combination with other information that might be available).

I want to reassure you that I treat your data with the utmost care and will only use or share it for the purposes agreed with you in advance.

As required by law, I have created a “Data Privacy Notice” (attached below), which describes:

  • Your rights relating to the information I hold about you, including access and accuracy
  • A description of the types of information I may hold and how it is used
  • The legal basis I rely on to use your information
  • Any third parties with whom the information may be disclosed, and under what circumstances
  • My contact details should you have any queries or concerns

Privacy Statement

My business involves conducting bespoke, non-religious, Humanist naming and funeral ceremonies as requested by couples and families. In order to create and deliver a unique and personal ceremony, I need to collect and process certain personal information relating to you, your family and your friends. Not everything you share is necessarily used in a ceremony. I want you to know that the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information are of the utmost importance to me and to reassure you that I am compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which came into force on 25 May 2018.

This being the case, I have reviewed how I collect, use and store and process personal information, and put together this Privacy Statement to explain exactly what I do with your information, and why.

I want to make it clear that I will never pass your information on to any other person or business unless it is necessary for me to conduct your ceremony. I hope that all the information you might need is here. If you have any questions, please just ask me.

Under the GDPR, anyone collecting and processing personal information must provide those supplying personal information with a Data Privacy Notice (this document), providing:

  • The contact details for the person holding and using the information
  • The nature of the information held
  • The ways in which it shall be used
  • The legal basis for using the information
  • The legitimate interests in using the data
  • Any third parties to whom the information shall be disclosed and why
  • The rights to access and correct the data contact details Humanist Celebrant role is conducted as a sole trader business, carried out by Louise Williams.
  • As such, I assume the roles of Data Controller, Data Processor and Data Protection Officer.

    Contact details: Louise Williams
    Tel: 07736 679415

Purposes for which the data is held

The purposes for which the personal data are held and shared may include some or all of the following:

  • Communicating with the couple/family and related third parties (e.g., venues, funeral directors) regarding the development and delivery of the ceremony
  • Delivering the ceremony
  • Invoicing for work completed
  • Quarterly returns to Humanists UK (anonymised counts), which is a requirement of ongoing accreditation
  • Promoting Humanist Ceremonies via my website
  • The development and training of other Humanist Celebrants accredited with Humanists UK. In this case the data will be suitably anonymised to maintain confidentiality
  • Ongoing personal professional development, e.g., peer review and accreditation purposes, in which case copies of ceremonies are shared with the peer reviewer
  • Family access and research purposes by request (funeral tributes only)

Lawful Basis for Collecting and Storing Personal InformationIn the course of my business of preparing and conducting Humanist Ceremonies, I collect and process personal information about my customers, their families and possibly other people. The Information Commissioner’s Office has confirmed (12.3.18) that Legitimate Use is an acceptable basis for storing all data in order to conduct a ceremony, including data belonging to family or friends who are living and are not the customer. In the case of information which is provided to me which falls into the ‘Special Category’ (racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a trade union, sex life, religion or belief, physical or mental health condition) customers will need to indicate their consent to my use of this information for the conduct of a ceremony by ticking a box on the Contract which they sign, or by approving the script for presentation in public.

What Data do I collect? Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, details of people’s lives including relationships with other people, activities such as work, leisure activities and if applicable political, trade union or activities in relation to religion or belief. The form of this data is as follows:

  • Paper and electronic copies of scripts
  • Completed Information Sheet (paper)
  • Completed Contract (paper)
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Facebook messages
  • Photographs** Existing photographs may be provided to me for use on the Presentation Script given to the Customer. These photographs will be deleted from my records after the ceremony. See ‘Who I share it with’ below for information on photographs taken at your ceremony. What I do with data is write and conduct ceremonies, market my services, and keep records for business purposes. I complete a form and make handwritten notes when I visit clients. These are used to prepare the ceremony script. After the ceremony, I keep only the top sheet of this form for my business records. This contains basic information about the ceremony and the customer. The handwritten notes are shredded.

Who do I share data with

Photographs taken at the ceremony may be shared with me later for marketing purposes, and use on my website, leaflets, and Facebook. If I wish to use any photographs taken at your ceremony, I will ask for specific consent, which may subsequently be withdrawn at any time. Photographs which I do not use will be deleted.

I may share some information with Funeral Directors – although they will usually share contact info for families with me initially.

I may share information at the customer’s request, with other family members or friends of the customer.

Scripts may be shared with colleagues for training and quality purposes and will be anonymised first.

How I store data

  • I keep paper records of ceremonies (not complete scripts) in a secure filing cabinet; I keep electronic files including scripts, encrypted on my laptop.
  • When I am Peer Reviewed, as required by the terms of my Accreditation by Humanists UK, I share the script with my reviewer. They will destroy all copies electronic and printed once the review has been completed.
  •  I keep contact details on my mobile phone and laptop. 

How long I keep information for.

Privacy notice

Access to the information I hold about you

Clients may request access to the information I hold about them at any time, and I will provide this within one month of the request. You may request that your information is deleted, and I will do so within 48 hours of any request.


Specific consent for the use of photographs for marketing purposes may be given for a limited period of time and may be withdrawn by you at any time. Should consent be withdrawn, photographs will be deleted from my website or other media within 48 hours of receiving a request. Where photographs have been used in printed form, e.g., leaflet, poster, further copies will not be printed.

Visitors to my website

In order to function, my website uses session cookies, but as soon as you leave the site these are deleted and the site does not retain any information about you or your computer.

Reviewing this Privacy Policy Statement

This statement was produced on 1 July 2022 and will be reviewed on 1 July 2023.

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